EdTech Studio

28 March 2016 | 2pm to 5pm | Academy of Singapore Teachers

EdTech Studio is a series of pre-conference workshops designed to provide participants with hands-on experience in exploring the use of ICT tools for teaching and learning. The sessions will include pedagogical considerations of the innovative use of cutting-edge and established technology for teaching and learning.

Session 1: Adaptive Learning with Mathspace [CANCELLED]

Learning/Application Focus: Adaptive Learning
Target Audience:  Mathematics Educators
Studio Partner: Alpha Academy


Adaptive learning is an approach that changes the learning content in response to students’ inputs. In this workshop, the participants will be informed about the key features of adaptive technology and its application in education. Mathspace, an adaptive learning application for mathematics, will be illustrated through a guided hands-on approach in the workshop to demonstrate the progress and affordance of the technology. There will also be a discussion of the different approach to incorporate Mathspace and complement classroom teaching.

Session 2: Gamifying Classes to Drive Motivation and Mastery

Learning/Application Focus: Flipped/Blended Learning
Target Audience:  School Leaders, Key Personnel and Educators
Studio Partner: Experimental Systems & Technology Laboratory


Mastery of content is often associated with the motivation of learning. In this workshop, the participants will be introduced to the gamification principles that are used by games to captivate the audience. The participants will apply these principles to gamify their classes with Coursemology, a learning management system that incorporates gamification, to improve motivation and engagement. The workshop will also include case studies for discussion and sharing from a school who have used the gamification approaches.

Session 3: 3D Printing and Modelling to Inculcate Problem Solving Skills

Learning/Application Focus: Modelling to Inculcate Problem Solving Skills
Target Audience: Key Personnel and Educators 
Studio Partner: MaterialiseIT


Creating is about visualization and problem solving. Design Thinking will be introduced as the main thinking tool to aid participants in generating and developing ideas. 3D printing will serve as the tool to build the design to help solve a real-life problem. In the practical session, the participants will use “Sketch-Up” to design their products. With the support from the presenters, the participants will address the challenges encountered during the creation process. 

Session 4: Seamless Learning through Blended Classroom Technologies

Learning/Application Focus: Seamless Learning
Target Audience:  Key Personnel and Educators
Studio Partner: Microsoft


Seamless learning emphasises the continuity of learning across different setting. In this workshop, attendees will be given an introduction of the different applications used for education as well as available add-ons for curriculum development and classroom collaborations. Attendees will break into smaller groups to create interactive teaching and learning content that enables educators to conduct seamless learning through a blended learning pedagogy. There will be a role play session to engage attendees in the integrative uses of ICT in teaching and learning.

Session 5: Advanced Classroom Analytics through Microsoft’s PowerBI

Learning/Application Focus: Learning Analytics
Target Audience:  Key Personnel and Educators
Studio Partner: Microsoft


Classroom analytics can be meaningfully used to support teaching and enhance learning. In this workshop, attendees will be given an advanced hands-on session on how to make use of student data to acquire in-depth analysis.  The hands-on workshop will also include segments on creating sophisticated data models by creating relationships, custom calculated fields, hierarchies, and Key Performance Indicators. A set of sample data will be provided during the session to allow a more realistic view and output from the workshop hands-on and demos.

Session 6: Creative Thinking through LittleBits

Learning/Application Focus: Creative Thinking
Target Audience:  Key Personnel and Educators
Studio Partner: TinkerTanker


Creativity often involves generating, tinkering and testing of ideas to overcome challenges. During the workshop, the presenters will share with the participants the challenges and different approaches to acquire creative thinking. Strategies to pique creative thinking with Littlebits in the related curriculum will also be shared. Craft materials and minimal scaffold will be provided during the practical session. The participants will design prototypes with the craft materials to overcome the challenges and share with the other participants.

Session 7: Facilitating Kinetic Learning through Play Using Augmented Reality

Learning/Application Focus: Augmented Reality
Target Audience:  Key Personnel and Educators
Studio Partner: NUS CUTE Center


Kinetic learning involves the use of physical movement to improve learning performance. During the workshop, participants will be introduced to an Augmented Reality Learning System called LeARnus. LeARnus is a system that enables teachers to create Augmented Reality Kinetic Learning games for their students, easily and quickly. The participants will have the opportunity to formulate their own learning content, and use the system to create games that their students can use in their classroom activities. After the workshop, participants will be given an account to the NUS project server for free access to the system.

Session 8: Creating Student-Centric Classroom through Collaborative Learning with Samsung Smart School solution [CANCELLED]

Learning/Application Focus: Creating Student-Centric Classroom
Target Audience:  Key Personnel and Educators
Studio Partner: Samsung


Collaborative learning in an ICT-supported environment has the potential to enable students and teachers to co-create learning materials through multi-way communications. During the workshop, the participants can experience Samsung’s suite of education products and solutions, which is aimed at creating immersive learning experiences ideal for this generation of digital natives. Different teaching and learning strategies to leverage on the ICT supported environment will also be shared during the workshop.

Session 9: Digital Literacy in the Cloud

Learning/Application Focus: Digital Literacy
Target Audience:  Key Personnel and Educators
Studio Partner: Google


This 3 hour workshop will explore how Google Apps for Education can help teachers meet their curricular goals and learning objectives. Matching the right tools, resources and desired student learning outcomes is an essential skill for today's teachers. As teachers we are inundated with so many options of how to teach that subject we love so much. How do we share that same excitement and spark curiosity in our kids in a way that is relevant to them, yet pedagogically valid. Where do we start?!

This will be broken into a series of 3 short workshops for teachers, exploring the use of Google Search, Youtube and Maps. Each workshop will explore some useful cases of the respective tools in Education, how to tie it back to a subject area, and how best to get student engagement and interaction.

Session 10: Getting more from Google Apps For Education (GAFE)

Learning/Application Focus: Classroom Management and Student Engagement
Target Audience:  Key Personnel and Educators
Studio Partner: Google


Your school may have gone Google, and you are now asking: “What’s next?”. This session will focus on getting more from Google Drive (Spreadsheets, Forms, Add-Ons) and tackling Google Classroom, the newest addition to the GAFE suite. Attendees will have an opportunity to create their own templates and even learn basic scripting which they can then bring back to school to automate previously manual processes. Google Classroom is a workflow management tool for teachers to engage with their students, set assignments and share information freely within their class in a digital format.