Future Ready: Inspire, Connect and Transform

The focus for iCTLT 2016 is on nurturing future-ready and responsible digital learners. “Future Ready” emphasises our goal of empowering quality learning with technology for every learner in the Total Curriculum. “Inspire” encourages participants to tap into the affordances of technology for students to deepen their learning in subject mastery and 21st century competencies. “Connect” links reflective practitioners who have used Information and Communication Technology (ICT) productively in designing, engaging, learning experiences for their students. It is envisaged that with ICT, it can bring about greater efficiency, higher connectivity and enhance collaboration among the lifelong learners. “Transform” relates to how educational leaders guide teams and develop people as well as shape organisational culture and infrastructure for meaningful use of ICT.



Inspiring Deep Learning with ICT in Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

This strand focuses on how technology-enriched and empowered pedagogical practices bring about meaningful and quality learning, to deepen subject mastery and develop 21st Century Competencies. This strand explores how students learn in the Digital Age.

Focus areas include:

  • Integrating ICT in Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy
  • Deepening learning with effective use of ICT
  • Harnessing and acquiring learning with quality online resources for students



Connecting Educators as Learning Designers

This strand focuses on equipping teachers with competencies to design meaningful and appropriate technology-enriched, student-centric learning experiences and environments. This strand looks at how teachers design for learning with technology and how teachers become learning designers with technology.

Focus areas include:

  • Designing professional learning on the use of technology for teaching and learning
  • Providing customised support for sustainable ICT practices
  • Translating classroom research into ICT-enabled learning design principles



Transforming Culture of Learning in the Digital Age

This strand highlights the importance of school leadership in building a culture of learning in a connected digital learning ecosystem through partnerships and home-school-community collaborations.

Focus areas include:

  • Building networked learning communities to deepen ICT practices
  • Providing reliable infrastructure to support anytime and anywhere learning