iCTLT 2014


Enhance Pedagogy

Enhance your pedagogical practices by using ICT.

The first element of the theme focuses on the adoption of technologies to improve instructional methods. This will include innovative classroom practices leveraging the use of experimental, emerging or established ICT tools that nurture and assess self-directed learning, collaborative learning and other 21st Century competencies through subject matter. 

Engage Learners

Engage your students to be more active learners with the appropriate use of ICT.

The second element of the theme focuses on harnessing the affordances of technology to enthuse, excite and interest learners. This will include authentic educational experiences in ICT-rich learning environments that aim to motivate pupils by making learning more meaningful, relevant and fun for them.


Enable Action

Plan for the strategic deployment of ICT in teaching and learning.

The third element of the theme focuses on the thought leadership that leads to the effective, efficient and seamless integration of technologies in educational settings with the aim of achieving desirable outcomes. This will include policy-making, school administration, cyber wellness, change management and curriculum development.

Empower You

Be empowered in the use ICT to enhance teaching, engage learners and spearhead ICT implementation efforts.

The focus of this last element undergirds the intent of the conference. This will include professional development through participatory learning approaches, strategies to strengthen teacher accountability, capacity and competencies for the purposeful use of technologies in teaching and learning anytime anywhere.